Betty's Blue Angel Outreach

 The people Betty helps are usually “beyond” any social safety net. They are often experiencing mental illness with serious trust issues; the poor below the poor, veterans, victims of domestic violence, runaways, and children. They are people that have fallen on hard luck and given up hope of anyone caring. They are people facing enormous obstacles which often render them unable to get services from agencies. They live in the bushes, or in their car if they are lucky enough to have one. Betty gives them hope each day, a reason to get up in the morning, knowing they are loved, that someone cares. And over time, Betty is often able to help lift these individuals up to where they have a chance to move forward. Though these are Betty’s official services, Betty does her best to meet the needs of every person who walks through her door, going the extra mile to help those in need.

“Everything I do is a way of saying thanks to those who showed me kindness when I needed it.”
        ​-Betty Chinn


  • Prepares and delivers meals twice a day rain or shine
  • Monthly food deliveries to families


  • Helps people off the streets
  • Provides clean clothes and blankets
  • Pays for medical prescriptions

Family Services

  • Family reunification
  • ​​Transports kids to and from school