Blue Angel

Mission Statement:

To honor all of humanity by providing direct responses to immediate needs and helping the destitute achieve the dignity needed to return to society as contributing members.

Besides serving meals twice a day to over 500 people, Betty …

  • helps many people move off of the streets each year and into apartments
  • reconnects runaway teenagers with families and buys them bus tickets to return home when they are ready
  • works with school principals to get children to showers, then to school each a.m.  
  • creates a caring community within each homeless camp: provides a bike and phone for each camp site, and requires them to clean up their camps weekly, HandsBowlhauling off their trash
  • buys bus tickets for early release prisoners from Pelican Bay or the local jail that want to return home, keeping our community safer
  • visits and supports cancer patients that are homeless
  • buys vehicles for families that need a ‘place’ to live
  • freely gives of her time speaking to many community and school groups throughout the year, touching hearts and inspiring us as human beings
  • pays for medical prescriptions for people that need medicine but have no money
  • helps connect people with social services when they are ready
  • provides clean clothes, warm jackets, sleeping bags, blankets, tents, showers, laundry services, phone calls to reconnect with home, local bus passes, gas money, and other needs as they arise
  • brings food to families that can’t afford food at the end of the month
  • helps pay rent in dire situations to keep families with children in homes

The people Betty helps are usually “beyond” any social safety net. They are often experiencing mental illness with serious trust issues; the poor below the poor, veterans, victims of domestic violence, runaways, and children.  They are people that have fallen on hard luck and given up hope of anyone caring. They are people facing enormous obstacles which often render them unable to get services from agencies. They live in the bushes, or in their car if they are lucky enough to have one. Betty gives them hope each day, a reason to get up in the morning, knowing they are loved, that someone cares. And over time, Betty is often able to help lift these individuals up to where they have a chance to move forward.


Betty with her “Blue Angel” food truck.